About AquaNu®

AquaNu® Filtration Systems Ltd., is a private Irish company specialising in the filtration and treatment of drinking water. It was founded on the invention of a unique ceramic water filtration technology that could be made affordable to everyone rich and poor.

AquaNu® has secured patent granted status in 23 strategic countries securing Global IP protection for its Ultra High Flowrate Ceramic (UHFC). All the biggest major consumer markets are included in these 23 countries which are in North & South America, Europe, The Far East, and the Middle East.

The company has taken an unchanged 200 year old water filtration media and brought it into the 21st Century. What was once a technology that purely removed solids from drinking water, has now with the UHFC, become a complete water filtering media. In independent tests carried out in numerous internationally recognised laboratories, the AquaNu® ceramic was shown to remove all types of contaminants from a heavily spiked water sample. These contaminants included bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, herbicides and pesticides and many more.

The Ultra High Flowrate to very low through pressure ratio achieved by the Ceramic is the product’s biggest USP as it means that the ceramic can be used in small surface area products where ceramics could not have been used before. One of the areas that the company is in the process of exploiting is the legionella proof hand held shower.This market is controlled by the polymer companies, our ceramic has an edge on the polymer technology as it does not bio-foul, it is not susceptible to chemicals in the water that can damage polymers. Our company’s shower head also works in very low water pressure areas and the ceramic removes all contaminants whereas the polymer membrane only removes solids. One of the areas that our company would like to enter is supplying products products for the developing world, the UHFC ceramic does not need and pumps or electricity to function making it perfect for these areas that do not have these luxuries.

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Ceramic Technology

Due to the unique material structure of the AquaNu® material and as a result of product technology development AquaNu® has divided its patented high porosity ceramic technology into two distinct areas which it classifies as follows:


This is where all the water is presented to and passed through the AquaNu® ceramic for the purpose of improving the quality of the water by removing contaminants and microbiology.

One of the market areas that the company is seeking to develop, is the Legionella proof shower head, for countries with mandatory use of such products to combat Legionaires disease. Germany was the first country to make it mandatory to use Legionella proof showers in all public and commercial buildings, which includes their 23 million rented dwellings. The Legionella shower market is dominated by companies providing polymer membrane filtration technologies. Because this polymer membrane technology is very fragile and biofoul easily, this gives the AquaNu® UHFC an advantages over the polymer as the ceramic is very durable and does not biofoul. The AquaNu® shower product is fully designed and ready for the market.

Shower Head


This is where the AquaNu® ceramic is placed into a body of potable water, for the purpose of keeping this water pure, preventing and protecting the water from bacteria and contamination. The AquaNu® ceramic makes direct contact with the water through physical movement, Brownian motion, convectional currents, and dynamic equilibrium. Our ceramic is made up of 85% Diatomaceous Earth/Kieselguhr, which is a natural biogenic material, this material also emits trace minerals into the water according to the individual demands of the water. improving its alkalinity, pH, mineral content, taste and general quality.

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Current Product

Because of the incredible adsorption capability and the colossal surface area created within the AquaNu® ceramic by the patented process, it has been scientifically proven by independent laboratories that it also works in a way that no other ceramic works and that is, when the product is submerged in a body of potable water, it attracts by adsorption capability all trace contaminants in said body of water. It also pH balances, alkalises, mineralizes and removes and destroys all bacteria, preventing biofilms that can cause bad taste and odor in your drinking vessel and water. Our filtration media has been tested to show that the AquaNu® ceramic material is bacteriostatic, this means no bacteria can multiply on its surfaces causing the age old filtration media problem of biofouling.

AquaNu® has utilised this capability with the release of the StayPure Pod product, which is a passive preservation technology designed to provide affordable, clean, fresh, safe, great tasting drinking water from any potable drinking water source worldwide, for a healthier hydration experience. Because StayPure improves the taste, it encourages you to drink more water, which is healthier for you than all those soft drinks. In addition, using tap water is healthier for your wallet, because tap water costs in the region of 1 cent per litre compared to expensive bottled water therefore saves you a fortune. There is also the fact that when you choose to use a reusable water bottle instead of single use throwaway water bottle you are helping to protect the environment from plastic waste.

For more information visit: www.staypurewater.com

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